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Behind the scenes of the NOI Club: the startup journey, events highlights and much more!

if it wakes you up at night...

paola garbini

Our January 2016 event was a special one. Well, all of our events are special :) but this saw four women take the stage and share with us their stories and their hints on how to continue the pursuit of our dreams and take the leap.

I would like to share with you the key takeaways that Mireia, Stine, Sally and Jo left me. If you are interested in getting to know these amazing ladies a bit more, you can see their bios here.

- Psst! Join us for our February event! All details here :) -


- If the thought of your project/your idea is waking you up at night...then go ahead and work on it! It is for sure the right thing to do

- when you are starting up you always feel you are underperforming on every front! But do not forget you are one and are doing everything!

- don't be afraid of being obsessed by your idea, follow your passion!

- adopt a "step by step" process and make sure you do not rush your product out, especially if you have to face a lot of competition and you are working on an expensive product, which needs to be almost perfect to sell

- you can design a bag with powepoint! Do not think you need the biggest tech or the most up-to-date program to work on your idea. Use your skills and combine them with the tools you have available. It will work!


- do not waste your one shot of life!

- it is not easy to know when the right time to launch is but this should not slow you down or scare you

- people want to genuinely help you, when they see you are starting up and believe in what you are creating. Do not be afraid to ask for help!


- do things you are frightened of: we should be doing things that scare us because many times they are things we like!

- take the leap and then you will feel you can do everything!

- go ahead and do something you really really do not want to do and remember that failure is success waiting to happen!


- we are more resourceful than we think we are

- there is a huge potential in each broken piece

- we are alll terrified but we can do it anyway!

- there is no rush

- noone really knows what they are doing! We all feel like we are faking it - do not think you are the only one!

- read this book :)