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the plot


Our events are unique occasions to meet likeminded women, share skills, get inspired and have fun!

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the plot

We all grew up on stories of heroes and heroines doing incredible things and changing the world. The plot is always the same: heroes start in a place of comfort, experiencing some extreme discomfort and growing from there to fulfil their fullest potential.
The comfort is easy. The glory is exhilarating.

But what about the dip in the middle? That's tough. How to navigate that time? that's when we stumble.

How can we overcome obstacles in our own minds and behaviour to be the heroines in our own lives? How can we be the masters of our own destinies and the most fulfilled and happy versions of ourselves?

We went on an amazing journey with psychologist Natasha Tiwari, who drew upon her research and work into optimising potential via engaging in heroic behaviours, building mindsets for success, embracing vulnerability, knowing how to deal with difficult situations, boosting self esteem, being our most creative selves and growing our own EQ.
The result? Being empowered to be the heroines in our own life story, leaving with a toolkit of strategies that we could implement straight away.



Natasha Tiwari is the Founder and Director of Learning at The Tutoring Team, a London based, education advisory and tutoring firm, working with families and schools across the globe. T3 is revolutionising traditional tutoring, by being the first firm to train its tutors in principles guided by research in pedagogy, psychology and neuroscience, to accelerate learning and optimise potential, whilst working within a goal orientated approach. At T3’s core is a belief that all children are unique, and can be their most high achieving and heroic selves when structured guidance and strategies from psychology are applied. Natasha’s passion for building children’s achievements through building growth mindsets, creativity and imagination informs much of the T3 methodology. Combining these ideas creates real magic for the children subject to the approach.

Natasha was the youngest ever cohort member on the UK’s Teach First programme; which places the country’s highest calibre students into the country’s worst performing inner city to raise standards. Her experiences here widened her perspectives of the challenges faced by deprived pupils and challenged schools; and she has been inspired by the scope for research in neuroscience, mindsets and heroic behaviour to compliment the work of teachers, in supporting children, especially those facing challenges outside of the classroom, in reaching the heights of their potential. T3 is now bringing Dr. Philip Zimbardo’s Heroic Imagination Project to the UK, introducing the programmes to UK schools, to build heroic behaviours and the capacity to respond positively and as a force of good, even in the most negative and difficult situations.

Having caught the entrepreneurial bug, Natasha is also the founder of a fashion venture,, disrupting the Indian fashion industry. Having now built a team of 65 at T3, and a smaller team of 5 at; she is passionately interested in the behaviours which define heroic leaders, and how heroic leaders build heroic teams; the way in which this interacts with innovation and creativity, and how a better understanding of this will accelerate innovation, and ultimately change the world for the better.

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