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Ask Me Anything about Personal Branding - a NOI webinar


Our events are unique occasions to meet likeminded women, share skills, get inspired and have fun!

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Ask Me Anything about Personal Branding - a NOI webinar



Personal Branding seems to be a very popular topic these days, but only a few people really know what it truly is...and can explain how to put theory into practice!

There is a big distinction between branding and personal branding: the first is made of all the tools and actions that give your product, business, company a meaning that attracts your target market; personal branding is about you and how you are perceived when people connect with you in a professional capacity. Personal branding is how you project your image to the outside world. Both terms have one important thing in common: emotions.

Especially when it comes to startups or the freelance world, where the team is small if not inexistent and everyone does everything and is as visible as the brand itself, the intersection between branding and personal branding is scary but necessary. How much do I share about myself? What tone should I use? Will people believe what I say? Will they be interested? Where do I even start?

In this webinar we will speak about all this and more with brand builder, speaker and host Sallee Poinsette-Nash. We will answer your questions and make sure you spend an insightful hour with us, from the comfort of your home. Get ready to understand how to unveil your personal brand, how to nurture it and even change it over time to better adjust to your evolution as a person.

See you online :)



Sallee Poinsette-Nash is passionate about her work as a brand builder - combining experience, creativity & intuition to craft authentic personal, executive and company brands for clients around the world. Sallee is also a writer, a speaker and a co-host on Awake Ones TV. Having spent over 20 years navigating the world of high-level business and brand building – holding interim CEO / COO positions and delivering brand strategy and advisory board roles to a high-profile client list – Sallee enjoys sharing what she knows at interactive workshop days, webinars, events and retreats around the globe. Outside of business and brand, favourite things include Dogs, Friends, Travel & Avocado!

Later Event: May 24