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Our events are unique occasions to meet likeminded women, share skills, get inspired and have fun!

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What is that heavy thing you are carrying around in your heart or in your head? That thing that does not make you progress? When you feel you are lagging behind is it just because of that skill you do not master? Or is it more a question of not knowing how to get rid of a burden?

We experimented a morning of sharing secret stories, opening up and learning how to make decisions, find resilience, strength and real help within our NOI community! A round table panel of speakers shared their highs and lows as well as took all your burning questions. Scroll down to see pics!


yasmin choudhury

Yasmin Choudhury is founder of award winning British start up consumer brand Lovedesh. A new solution for global poverty, as her mission is to change how we experience 'Third World' nations, starting with her late father's heritage country of Bangladesh. In 2013, while undertaking R&D on a visit to Bangladesh for Lovedesh, Yasmin discovered her late father's letter of wishes, in which he wrote that his estate should benefit the poor and needy.

Noticing her family had done little, she began to create Lovedesh into a token of love for her beloved father in remembrance of his passion for philanthropy. Using her own money and relying on her City and mothering skills, she has learnt to become a respected foodie, design and travel expert.
Yasmin has won title of 'Entrepreneur of the Year' at the British Muslim Awards, and named 'expert for unusual destinations' by Conde Naste Traveller magazine. She is often speaking of the challenges of escaping the 9 to 5 and taking Lovedesh to market, while battling the many hurdles she has had to overcome herself: poverty, expulsion by her own community, homelessness and lone parenting.

Due to her personal experiences, she started a small charity called Amcariza Foundation, named after her late father. It seed funds sole traders and start ups in cities and rural villages of Bangladesh as well as advocating vocational careers, IT skills and mentoring of girls in a rural school out there.

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nina paul

Nina Paul worked in the city as a product director and also had her own consultancy business for the last couple of years of it, but then she left at the end of 2015 to start a business in jewellery. She had been suffering from depression and addiction for a while but she eventually hit rock bottom when the jewellery business didn't go as planned. She will tell us more about this hard period of her life at the event. With the amazing support of her family, and people she met throughout her recovery journey, she has never felt more alive and strong and grateful. She has learned to love who she is, and find happiness within herself, rather than constantly seeking it from other people, places and things. She has recently started another business - Deliciously Guilt Free and she is busy baking, mentoring others and focusing on her happiness.

By the way...the lady on the floor in the picture is our Founder Paola trying to experiment new ways of product shootings ;) Thank you NOI Lady Jess Yau for the great pic!!!

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Lexi Diggins has spent years working in the fund management industry in marketing, PR, events and business development roles. She is also a linguist and she has lived and worked in South America and the Middle East. Secretly she didn’t love her banking job and mainly felt like a fish out of water.   
Some very big things happened to her in 2013 which forever changed her life and these events catapaulted her in to a new world made of connections, new challenges, a startup to work for and NOI to develop together with Founder Paola.

The "surgery" event is where for the first time ever she will open up and tell her story to other women changemakers. We are sure that by sharing her experiences she will be able to inspire and help us all.

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Shefaly Yogendra, PhD is a globally experienced senior executive, board director and trusted advisor to boards and CXOs with experience of shaping executive conversation and strategic decisions on technology, governance, risk, branding, and growth.

She will bring her deep, multidisciplinary expertise in decision-making to our "surgery" event. She will draw upon not just her experience of corporate decision-making but also her knowledge of the body of research into what shapes decisions for individuals. In other words, she will provide a conceptual and abstract wrapper to our discussions so the stories we will hear become our own, to draw upon, to learn from so we can apply these learnings to our own experience.

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victoria smith-murphy

Victoria Smith-Murphy is a qualified transformational life coach who works with head-led people, helping them connect with heart and gut to stop second guessing themselves. Many of us spend so much time in our heads, trying to think our way out of being stuck, that we ignore all the knowledge and power that lives in emotion and intuition. Victoria's creative, fluid approach to coaching helps people be more completely themselves, to make decisions and changes that are wholly right for them. After leaving a corporate marketing career in 2015, Victoria has established her private coaching practice alongside working as an associate coach with, a dynamic start-up promoting mental wellbeing in work and life.

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Later Event: June 23